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Phreebooks Software Installation

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[edit] Prerequisites

[edit] mysql

mysql > 4 Open the mysql shell and:

  • Create a table for your company name as below where company = your database name. Capitalization counts!
  • Create a user
CREATE USER 'phreebooks_user'@'localhost';
  • Set passwrod for the user.
set password for 'phreebooks_user'@'localhost' = password('user-password')
  • It is good practice here is to limit the privileges to the database company to protect other databases.
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON company.* TO 'phreebooks_db_user'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;

[edit] php

PHP Version: 5.0 and higher

On Debian you will want to add support for mysql, gd, and curl

Wajig install php-curl php-gd php5-mysql

[edit] apache

Just point to the Phreebooks directory

Continue with Phreebooks Company setup

[edit] Installation

Point your browser to the top directory and follow instructions.

[edit] Upgrading R1.2.1 to R1.3

Expand the tarball into a new directory.

From the old installation directory to the new one - Copy


Point apache at the new Phreebooks directory.

Make sure the privileges are set to read-only for configure.php. The database is upgraded automatically.

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