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[edit] Cups print to FAX (hylafax) for the Linux Desktop

AS of 6-11-2007 faxfrontend is _NOT_ a Debian package or part of the hylaffax-client package as it should be! Add your voice to the request to package bug or perhaps there should be a bug placed against hylaffax-client package?
If you would like to help, contact and and ask what you can do.

[edit] faxfrontend

A clean way to print to fax while using a Debian desktop. Provides a GUI interface to print to fax using CUPS to Hylafax. When you print, a box pops up that lets you provide the fax number - or use the built in Rolodex. It can also run standalone to fax files or just a cover sheet.

Source pkg is at faxfrontend-1.1.tar.gz

[edit] Compile notes - Debian centric

Download faxfrontend-1.1.tar.gz

Expand the tar ball and enter the directory.

./configure --with-qtdir=/usr/share/qt3

For Debian you need to know that usr/share/qt3/bin/moc is provided by the qt3-dev-tools pkg
You also need libqt3-dev

To build

make install

[edit] Install details

Install hylafax-client using wajig

wajig install hylafax-client

On your local machine edit /etc/hyla/hyla.conf to add a "Host" paramter to specify the Hylafax server host. It should look like.

Host: hylafax-server-name.local-network-domain-name

You can test the Host setting with Either 'faxstat' and 'sendfax' as they should work with the remote host independently of 'faxfrontend'.

[edit] Server configuration

Users need to be a member of the fax group on the server.
Don't use the faxadduser method that makes the /etc/hosts.hfaxd as of 2007 -- Instead

cp /usr/share/doc/hylafax-server/examples/pam-hylafax /etc/pam.d/hylafax
(shouldn't this should really be part of the hylafax-server install?)

To test the permissions try

telnet your-hylafax-server 4559

sudo problems Feb 28 2006 I'm getting the following with etch

E [11/Jun/2007:21:16:24 -0500] [Job 71] CUPS runs under 'uid=7(lp) gid=7(lp) groups=7(lp)'; can't run 'sudo':
E [11/Jun/2007:21:16:24 -0500] PID 32230 (/usr/lib/cups/backend/hylafax) stopped with status 1!

The following fixes it (put it in /etc/sudoers)


As of version 1.1 there is a permissions problem -- the fix below is not secure, but it works.
#cd /var/spool/hylafax/sendq
chown root.fax seqf
chmod 777 seqf

[edit] Setting up the ability to print to fax

Start the kde setting/printers program.

  • Select add printer and press next
  • Select other printer type and press next
  • Under direct select Local Hylafax server and press next
  • Under manufacture select hylafax and press next
  • Press next a few time until you get to General information page and name your fax printer. Press next. Press Finish
  • Restart the Print server (Print Server/Resart Server

[edit] Other Files you may wonder about

~/.faxfrontendrc saves some settings

~/.faxrolodex Here are your rolodex entries in xml format!
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